JP Partners Medical started at 2014, In Jun 2015, we invited Zhaolong International Medical Investment Management Group, a subsidiary of CS Health, a listed company in Hong Kong, as our strategic partner. We aimed at offering one stop quality medical service to Hong Kong resident and visitors. We operate chained multi-specialty centers offering general practice and specialty practice service.


JP Partners Medical clinics network located in main business area, residential areas and shopping areas. We have 9 clinics until 2019 May, offering general practice, specialty practice service and dental services over Tuen Mun, Tsuen Wan, Kowloon City, Mong Kok, Jordan, Central and Sheung Shui. We have over 20 family doctors and specialist, and over 10 specialty service such as Gastroenterology & Hepatology, Otolaryngology. Respiratory Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynaecology.


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In 2016, JP Partners Medical opened the Endoscopy Centre in Mong Kok Grand Plaza with a group of professional doctors. In 2018, our group cooperate with New World Development company, started 2 HD Endoscopy Centre in Central and Kwai Fong. Providing a range of stress-free endoscopy service with state-of-the-art endoscopic imaging system, design for patients to undergo the procedure in a safe and relaxed, comfortable environment.


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In 2018, JP Partners Medical merge with Joyful and Health Chinese Medicine Centre. It has 11 chained clinics and retail stores in Hong Kong. The merge not only strengthen our group’s network, also aim to provide comprehensive healthcare service across Chinese and western culture.


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 In Sep 2018, JP Partners Medical providing Outreach medical services with Yang Memorial Methodist Social Service for over 70 residential care homes for the elderly in Tsuen Wan and Kwai Ching. It is a significant milestone of JP elderly medical service. On the other hand, JP Partners Medical are active in outreach medical service, we serve over 50 schools and community groups for flu vaccination and over 15 community groups for CRC screening in 2018.


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In Apr 2019, JP Partners Medical merge with DOS Dental. It has 4 chained dental clinics in Hong Kong. Providing professional and reliable dental service to Hong Kong residents.


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Our Group corporate with A1 Imaging Centre, A1 CT Scanning and AHK  providing professional medical imaging and diagnosis service, such as CT scanning, Xray, Ultrasound and DEXA.


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In 2021, JP Partners Medical extending physiotherapy business. We merge with Kagina Physiotherapy & Sport Injury Centre, providing manual therapy, shock wave therapy, interferential current and accupunture services, aimed to serve patient suffering from long term pain illnesses, sport injury and stroke.


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In 2022, JP Partners Medical joins the Hair and Dermatology Center to provide 360-degree care for the physical needs of the public with a professional medical team. The services of the center include dermatology, scar treatment, medical cosmetology, skin shaping, healthy hair growth, etc. Serve.

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JP Partners Medical also caring our community development. The group has recognized by The Hong Kong Council of Social Service with the Caring Company Award 2016-19, recognized our contribution on caring community, staff and environment.


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